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Cyber Forensic & Predictive IT Security

Kriyavan offers Cyber Forensics for incident response and Predictive IT Security using advanced analytics, fortifying organizations against evolving cyber threats with a proactive approach.

Welcome To Kriyavan

With this startup, our aim was to build vanguard in the cybernautical realm, offering a spectrum of avant-garde cyber forensic and security solutions. Pioneering in digital resilience, our suite of services encompasses cutting-edge threat intelligence, digital investigations, and state-of-the-art data recovery techniques. We are committed to fortifying digital infrastructures and empowering netizens and technocrats with robust, innovative cybersecurity defenses.


Experts Behind Every Choice We Make For You

Professional Data Recovery

Professional data recovery services are essential for cybersecurity, offering crucial assistance in recovering lost data and preventing future loss with backup solutions and disaster planning.

Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing(VAPT)

Vulnerability assessment finds digital weaknesses, while penetration testing simulates attacks to assess defenses. VAPT proactively secures systems against cyber threats.

IT security Audit(Governance ,Risk and Compliance)(GRC)

IT security audit includes governance, risk management, and compliance. Auditors assess operations for standards compliance, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.


Corporate Investigation and Fraud Risk management

Corporate investigation uncovers risks through analysis and monitoring. Fraud risk management implements strategies to prevent fraud with controls and audits.

Cyber Security Training

A global leader in cybersecurity edification, Kriyavan offers a complete range of highly renowned cyber security training programs and certifications much needed for the IT professionals and organizations in India.

Kriyavan Fundamental

Kriyavan is a rapidly growing cyber security training academy.Kriyavan tied up with Mile2 and Comptia for certification courses.


CompTIA, founded in 1982, is a leading non-profit trade association in the IT industry. Headquartered in the United States, it is renowned for providing professional certifications.


CompTIA, founded in 1982, is a leading non-profit trade association in the IT industry. Headquartered in the United States, it is renowned for providing professional certifications.


Established in 2008, Mile2 is a global cybersecurity training and certification company based in the United States, providing comprehensive education and certification services globally.


What Our Happy Customers Say About Penny Grow

Whenever Security comes to my mind, I think of Kriyavan. I have known Team Kriyavan over the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How cyber security will emerge in future?

1.Greater focus on proactive threat hunting
2.Increased use of AI and machine learning
3.Growing importance of supply chain security
4.Greater emphasis on privacy and data protection
5.Greater collaboration between government and private sector

what are the important Cyber laws?

1. The Information Technology amendment Act, 2008: An Act to provide legal recognition for the transactions carried our by means of electronic data interchange and other means of electronic communication, commonly referred to as “Electronic Commerce”, which involve the use of alternatives to paper based methods of communication and storage of information.

2. The Information Technology Act, 2000: The act covers a wide range of cyber crimes, including hacking, phishing, cyber terrorism, and identity theft.

3. The Indian Penal Code, 1860: The IPC covers crimes such as data theft, cyber stalking, and cyber harassment.

Phishing scams – It will collect individual’s credentials like personal information,bank account details , passwords,card numbers through email, text messages or any links on websites.

Ransomware attacks – cyber criminals encrypt the victim’s data and demand payment in exchange for the decryption key.payment should be in form of cryptocurrency.

Identity theft – Cyber criminals steal user’s individual information such as names, addresses, and social security numbers to impersonate person’s or commit fraud. Identity theft can lead to financial loss and reputational damage to organisations and individuals

Dos attacks – A DoS (Denial of Service) attack is a type of cyber attack that aims to disrupt the normal functioning of a website, server, or network by overwhelming it with traffic or requests. a DoS attack is carried out using a single device or network connection. A DoS attack is carried out using a single device or network connection

Malware – Malware, short for “”malicious software,”” is a type of cyber threat that is designed to harm or exploit computer systems or networks. Malware can take many different forms, including viruses, Trojans, worms, ransomware, and spyware, among others.
Malware can be used to steal sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to systems, disrupt computer operations, or carry out other malicious activities. Malware is often spread through phishing emails, malicious websites, or infected software downloads.

What are Cyber crime helpline numbers?
National cyber crime reporting portal 1930
Child helpline 1098
Women helpline 181
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