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Creating dynamic services & courses for Cyber Security

Kriyavan Cyber Forensic Services excels in cyber forensic solutions, providing top-tier services for digital investigation and security. Our certified experts specialize in cybercrime detection, data recovery, and threat mitigation. Complementing our services, we offer cutting-edge cyber security courses crafted by industry leaders.

These courses empower professionals with essential skills to combat evolving threats. Elevate your cyber resilience with Kriyavan’s holistic approach, ensuring robust defense. Join us to fortify your digital presence and stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions & courses for a resilient digital future.

Cybersecurity solutions, offering cutting-edge technologies for resilience against evolving threats. Join us for a secure digital future through our robust services.

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Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan


Cyber Security Tech Startups

Registered as a private limited company in June 2022 at Madurai, and recognized as a startup under the Startup India initiative. Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan (http://www.akmohan.in) is the founder and director with over a decade of experience in academics and forensic consulting in India. Provided cyber forensic consulting services for premium IT sector clients and trained over 500+ law enforcement authorities, 1000+ faculties, and 10,000+ students across the globe on cybersecurity.


A global leader in cybersecurity edification, Kriyavan offers a complete range of highly renowned cyber security training programs and certifications much needed for the IT professionals and organizations in India.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

+91 - 097193 01930

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